Portfolio : Mobile Apps

Lockem App – Mobile App for Doctors to work as locum

Year: Q3 2019
Technologies: React Native ( deployed for iOS & Android )
Client: Whitecoat Labs

Int3tree App – Tips for Parenting (V1.0)

Year: Q1 2019
Technologies: React Native (deployed for iOS & Android), Laravel, ReactJS
Client: Rezeki Fajar Sdn Bhd

We have build the app for marketing for Int3tree food suppliment brand.

The app consist API integration with Laravel backend.

Push notifiction when the new post from consultant. Real-time chat with consultant.

Etikaf (V1.1)

Year: Q4 2018
Technologies: React Native (iOS + Android), Laravel
Client: Etikaf Enterprise

We develop the app using React Native on this release from native ( Swift / Java ) app. We have merge features, start from basic with push notification integration. We help to setup the cron-job to send push notifications 2 hours before the events started.

AR Santan Recipe Catalogue

Year: Q2 2018
Platform: iOS & Android
Technologies: Unity, Vuforia
Client: S&P Food Sdn Bhd/ Sayap Productions

We have developed and design a recipe book that appears virtually when user scan a Santan packaging.
It uses Unity game engine with Vuforia AR engine to create an emmersive AR experience.

We carefully craft the 3D object that can flip page by page and also be able to use table of contents to directly go to specific page.

RAISE Reality Asset with AR

Year: Q1 2018
Platform: iOS, Web
Technologies: Xcode, iOS, Swift, ARKit
Client: OFO Tech Sdn Bhd

Develop an information system for managing asset on backend with Laravel. In addition, iOS app that pull out the data through API, show in the maps. Viewing the asset through the AR on iOS to get immersive experience with the asset.

• Universal iOS App
• Networking Integration
• Backend admin with API
• ARKit for Augmented Reality experience


Year: Q4 2017
Platform: iOS
Technologies: Swift
Client: Etikaf Enterprise

Design and develop mobile app for iOS. Listing and viewing events in masjid under JAKIM.

The app able to receive push notifications and open the specific view upon tapping the notification banner.

Bateriku.com Android V2 Upgrade – Customer, Rider & Branch Apps

Year: Q3 2017
Platform: Android
Client: Green Initiative Sdn Bhd
Tools: Android Studio, Slack

Plan, design and develop mobile apps for 3 type of users: customer, rider and branch. Designing the flow of the process of the apps to make sure it make sense to work in real life. Testing out the push notifications and integration with the backend system.

Eagle App

Year: Q2 2017
Platform: iOS
Client: Mindmatics Sdn Bhd

• Early design with Sketch.
• Native networking iOS app.
• Create a test backend with Laravel.
• Realm database for local storage.

rivil iOS App

Year: Q1 2017
Platform: iOS
Client: Rivil Sdn Bhd

We build iPhone app for searching interesting places along the way from point A to point B.

• Design the vector asset with Sketch.
• App work-flow planning.
• Native networking iOS app.
• User register / login.
• GPS for coordinate.
• Google Maps integration.
• Pinterest-like mechanism.

Review in Vulcan Post – Link

Bateriku Android Apps ( Customer + Rider)

Year: Mid 2016
Platform: Android Apps
Client: Green Initiative Sdn Bhd

We build Android apps for Bateriku.com mobile batery order service for end-user and also riders.

• User registration and login.
• SMS validation.
• Complex Android layout on main page.
• Apps are written natively for Android platform. It supports various range of screen sizes.
• Push notifications for get notified the riders and customers.
• Handling push notification to open specific page when tapped.
• Tightly integrate with custom back-end office.

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Case Study

MAST Internet Measurement

Year: Mid 2016
Platform: Universal iOS App
Client: TM R&D

Test your Unifi Internet speed with this app. It will measure download, web browsing and video streaming internet experience with this app.

LATEST Android App

Year: Early 2016
Platform: Android (Phone and Tablet Optimized) App

Android app that optimized for phone and tablet. The app retrieve news from server, be able to read news in quick mode and also be able to open the full website. You also may bookmark news and it will save to device’s memory.

The app requires account to read news.

device-2016-04-21-211640 device-2016-04-21-202037

Energy LIVE Chart

Year: Mid 2015
Platform: iPhone App
Client: TM R&D

We worked closely with their team to have an app develop with reference from Android to iPhone app.

* We use Swift for first time for full project as client prefer the language.
* We use some cool chart library that make charting interactive and with animation.

mCloud iOS App:

Year: Early 2015
Platform: Universal iOS App
Client: TM R&D

We worked closely with their team to have an app translated from Android to iOS Universal app.


  • The app could control your house.
  • Drawer framework used was translated from Swift to Objective-C, and heavily modified to support iPhone and iPad.

eCakna Universal iOS App : 

Client: SUK Terengganu
Year: Mid 2015

We developed eCakna iOS Universal App which compatible with iPhone and iPad. The help help personal in state government to see comments about the state with touch of hands.


  • This project is the integration with eAduan mobile apps.
  • Some element from eAduan is reused for this project. Of course the changes is there too.
  • We communicate with client with Telegram app.
  • We made the graph, donought and pie chart from scratch.

World Heritage Okinawa : R-Thinka

Date: Early 2015

This is the first client from Okinawa, Japan to be precise. We have arranged meeting where Japanese Developer want to meet local developer in Malaysia where held in Nu Tower, KL Sentral few months before started the project.

We develop the functional prototype of an iPhone app optmized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


  • Take cue from Expedia app for parallax map effect.
  • Image is expandable, and swipable.
  • Parallel effects for the maps.
  • Communicate with Japanese developed app WorkChat.

eAduan Mobile Apps : SUK Terengganu

Date: Mid 2014

We developed eAduan mobile apps for iPhone and Android for Terengganu citizen to make report about their dissatisfacation about the state with the ease.


  • We help back-end developer how to make an API. We don’t do API so much, but we teach the basic.
  • Heavily uses on Push Notification system and GCM, to effectively make use the app.
  • Work closely with back-end developer which use government’s server.
  • Using SMS to activate the account / and recovery.
  • We setup the Apple account for government for uploading the iOS app. You know Apple? It’s not straightforward, we have to use official personal and letter from the government to approve the account application.
  • Admin can rate the report.
  • We communicate with client with Whtasapp app.

Sync Mobile Apps : Sync Media (MVP)

Date: Early 2014

We developed the iPhone and Android apps for Sync Media Sdn Bhd. It is a messenging system targetted for schools in Malaysia to communicate with parents with ease. It envisioned to eliminate usage of paper based and  avoid lost of communication between school and parents. Some schools are making Sync as an offiicial tool for communication.


  • Heavily uses on Push Notification system and GCM, to effectively make use the app.
  • It integrates with SMS system to activate the account.
  • The app need a video to get approval from Apple. Here is the video YouTube. The app get approved after seeing the demo!
  • We use WhatsApp as communication tool among developer and clients.
  • The development style is parallel, but mostly Android will start first then followed by iPhone as the design firmed.
  • The Android Version has top slider style, while iPhone design use tab bar.
  • We highly worked with their back-end team team to integrate efficiently.

Web System + Mobile App : InapDesa

Year : 2012-2013

We developed integrated booking system on web and iPhone app. It helped homestay owner to advertise on the system, and also help internet user to find and book homestay they looking for. The technogies we used are Ruby on Rails and iOS SDK.


  • iPhone app integrate with other GPS app to easing to navigate.
  • Ruby on Rails is good for developing API for iPhone app use. The API also used for Android development.
  • We use WhatsApp as communication tool among developer and clients.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.23.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.23.52 PM

Capper : Mayamedia

Date: Year 2012

Capper is a 2D game that inspired from Malay traditional games. We developed the game with Cocos2D which cool 2d game engine for iOS.


  • We created also the game level app for Mac so the client can design his own level.
  • Using box2d physics engine.