About iReka Soft

Our Story

We started building apps when was in Tokyo University of Technology in 2009. We observed people in Japan like things that can improve their brains like doing mathematics questions over and over again. So we developed CalcDrill app for iPhone, it turned out the app was popular in education category in Japan.

From there, we keep developing iOS mobile apps from time to time with variety of genre. At the same time we also learned another technologies such Android, WordPress and Laravel. At the same time we learn how using designing tool like Sketch and Illustrator. 

We see mobile technology is in the midst of maturing, and many apps are really meaningful to help in our daily life. That’s why our motto is ‘app for life’.


Tools We Use

These apps are our tools for software development and design.


Learn + Research + Development

Technologies are evolving very quickly and to stay up-to-date we invest our time to study recent trend, technology and new techniques.

Platform Partners

We like to thank to our platform in this business. Apple for wonderful platform and technologies and Google with variety of business services.



To be a world class mobile apps and web system developer based in Malaysia in 2020.


Provide smartphone users best user experience apps to help them to enjoy and solve many problems on the move with user friendly interface and eye-cathing user interface ( UI ) to make them feel good user experience ( UX ) and be more productive.


To develop quality and best user experience in our app creation. Bring Malaysia name as one of the top app builder and designer to the world.


Taking care of what we are doing, refining and craftmanship. Nurture and grow technology community around us.

Business Information

Business Name
iReka Soft Enterprise

Registration Number

Established In
May 2015

Registered Country

CIMB Bank Berhad (Cyberjaya Branch)

Muhammad Hijazi Bin Bahaman

Business Activities
– Developing mobile software
– Digital creative
– Publishing mobile apps on App Store and Google Play
– Mobile Apps consultation