Mobile Apps UI/UX Design

User experience is based on the mobile platform whether iOS or Android. User already immersed with the native experience from the preloaded apps and also most used apps worlwide. We need to know what should users nowadays know and what app trends right now. Developing mobile apps at full scale is a tough job and require us to do proper planning. We will save cost and time if we do it in ideal way. We don’t want to overplan as well because we need to be flexible, because we also want the last minute brilliant idea. Like an architect building a house, we need wireframe to build our apps. It give how the flow of the app with more appropriate way. Building wireframe give us the bird eye of view of the app working. After having the wireframe, we can design the production assets for apps development and production. Understanding the problem help us to design to solve the biggest problem, make them usable quickly and not to forget the fun element.
  • Sketch on paper. Paper Templates
  • Wireframe with Sketch app.
  • App System Diagram (if suitable)
  • Production-like Wireframe / Mockup
  • App Graphic Assets for iOS and Android
  • App Mockup
  • Marketing Material for Digital and Print