Learn Mobile App Development

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So you want to build an mobile apps like we do? Sure, why not. But.. how? Let us list some places that we can learn to start, keep going, and always up to date to the latest development trends. Here we go.


iOS powers Apple manufactured mobile devices such iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. And it has strong connection to watchOS, tvOS and not forgotten the grandfather OS X. iOS apps is build with a software called Xcode. The programming language used are Objective-C (matured language, being used by early deverlopers, old tus maybe) and Swift (newer, modern, safer, has playground, latest coolest tuts avalaible).

If you are completely new to this world, try to pick-up Swift first. It’s kind of cool.







Android is on any kind of smartphones, tablets and setup boxes. Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world, With the OS getting slicker, faster, no lag and so forth. Thanks to the overpower hardware. And great things is Android has its special software development tool called Android Studio, and we kind of like it. It uses Java programming language to code the app.


Material Design Get Started


Web Technologies

Web technology is a bridging part for both iOS and Android, and other platforms. When you create a contents, I preferably to use web (or some call it HTML) to build them. So the content can be shared for most of the platforms.


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