Content Development

Content is the king. That’s what make use back want to use our apps. For content development we care about the, content, off course. At iReka Soft, we call the mobile app as AppBook, a content embeded in web, saperated by chapters, user can read like swiping page of books.Here are some elements to make the AppBook more appealing.

Here are components in making AppBook contents:

1. Title
Catchy as Posible to attract Readers

2. Subtitle
Little bit more detail about the title

3. Table Of Contents

List down the topics in a right progression of reading. Make sure the flow is right.


4. AppBook Icon

The icon should be fantastic. Imagine a book’s cover, it has to be nice visually. Use nice photograph, nice typography and so on.

Artboard 1

5. Contents
The content should be related to human interest. What makes human want to read.

What knowledge that we want to help readers to grasp, learn and understand.

6. Finalé
Why did you wrote the AppBook, what problem you see, why, your experience and so forth. Sign your AppBook.


HTML Example for the Content

Download here

(or visit github)


Strategy on Writing Contents

First, know what topics you are interested in writing. Education, sports, romance, business you name it. Tips: jot down 10 possible titles, and trim down in to one the most interesting title.

After that, draft a story. Timeline. The flow of the content. What we want to say.

Then, finish the content by rearrange the content according to your feel for right flow.

Keep practice, write everyday.

The Processes

  1. Research. Research the market demand. Use Keyword Planner to see how many people search for particular keyword.
  2. Content creation.
  3. Crating HTML