The Workflow

How It Works?

Our strategy is comprised of different phases, that takes an idea and turns it into a good & functional app / website that will turn taps into your customers. We start with your vision, compare it with your current position, make a good plan on how to get from one to the other and put it into practice. 

What you will get after the completion:

• Apps / Web live for the audience ready to be used.

• Source Code for you to keep. You will need it in case to make modifications and system upgrade. We don’t want to lock you.

Learn More about Mobile App Development:

We have compiled some of the development process and how we develop in detail inside Google Docs 

Overall Process

Phase 1: Market Analysis (1st Meeting)

– Identify App / Website Purpose

– Identify Market Problems & Challenges 

– Identify Target Audience

Phase 2: Planning (2nd Meeting/Kickoff Meeting)

– Deciding On App / Website Strategy 

– App / Website Structure Drawing 

– Planning On Technologies Required 

– Deciding On Visual Style 

– Timeline & Dateline Briefing

Phase 3: Content Delivery

– Copywriting Completion 

– Photos & Videos Compilation

Phase 4: Wireframing

– App / Website Wireframing 

– User usability & experience (UX) Testing

Phase 5: Prototyping

– Prototyping

– Client’s Revision & Approval

Phase 6: Software App / Webapp Programming

– Database Design

– App Development

Phase 7: UI/UX Testing

– Technical Testing 

– Device (iOS & Android) Compatibility Testing

Phase 8: Deployment (Project Delivery & 3rd Meeting)

– Monitoring & Managing 

– Bug Fixing 

– App Maintainance & Update