FaceClock 2

Beautifully sharp analogue clock on your iDevices

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun, 2015, 4.57.20 AM iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun, 2015, 4.57.22 AM

This app is the next major update new for original FaceClock which was build in 2010 for iOS 4.

Now it’s better, sharper, easier to use and many more we want to make it as good as possible.

Long Hold to edit – Inspired from Apple Watch ‘Force Touch’

Editing the clock face with long press gesture. The clock face will shrink, and the editing menu comes up. It is easier to customize your clock face. No more guesswork, every changes show in real time.

Vector Based Design 

Everything the clock face shows you is a vector rendering from line of codes. Which turns out to be a great user interface without dependant on devices. You know there are many iDevices, and many resolutions and DPI.