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Quickly track your spending.

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Expense helps you keep track of your expenses

It’s true we spending all the time, but we don’t realize what the heck we spend on. This handy app is a missing pieces of tool for your life to get track of your spending. With Today’s widget and Apple Watch, it speed up your spend tracking like a zap.

“Key-in expense with predefined categories.” 

Key Features

Today Widget

Tap on the category and key-in the details. With Expense Widget, you don’t need to open the app to key-in the data. Just on the notification center or home screen, quickly add your expenses.

Quick Input

Tap on the category and key-in the details. Record amount, category, note and date. Edit categories list.

Apple Watch

If you happen to own an Apple Watch, you are in luck because, the device is slick enough to key in spending without open your phone. Tap on the category and key-in the amount. It has a complication too.

Privacy Protected

We don’t transmit any data to any server. Only Dropbox integration is used to securely send to your own folder, off course with your consent. The history screen is passcode and biometric protected. The app is covered when you on multi-tasking mode. 

Dropbox Integration

With just one tap you can upload your monthly expenses data to Dropbox in CSV format. You may open the file with Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers to crunch the data for more serious analysis.

Analyse your Expenses

Monthly Expenses List

View all expenses in monthly. Pro tips: swipe left/right on the bottom green area to go next/previous month.

Calendar View

How do you spent daily within a month.

Monthly Charts

Percentage of your expenses divided by category.

Watch Video what else Expense Can Do

"We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like." - Dave Ramsey