Here are some support for iOS applications on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

1. General Problems
Sometimes you cannot open our apps. Those are freezing, unresponsive. Don’t be panic because we suggest to do these helpful tips from Apple to resolve your problem.

  1. Recharge your device correctly. Use supported USB cable to charge.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Update software to the latest one.
  4. Restore iOS devices if all above didn’t work.

For more please visit these pages:

If you accidentally purchase ‘in-app’ you may get help from Apple page

Sometime you really need to restart your devices when your device is freezing. For iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, to do this press home button and reset button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Your device will restart and you can start using your device back.

2. Ad Still Showing

We are serving our customers with ‘Freemium’ apps which is free to use but if you like to use it you may want to purchase it. Most of the apps is showing ad, and by purchasing the ‘Remove Ad’ in-app purchase the app supposedly to remove the ad. But as we might not tested on all variety of iOS devices some devices may faces some difficulties such the ad still appearing and so on. Here our tips:

Restart the app.

[iOS 7 and above]

Double-click home button to reveal multi-tasking UI. To force close an app due to freezing or troubleshooting various issues, launch into multitasking and swipe up on the app’s card — not the icon — but the card itself.


3. Purchasing ‘Remove Ads’ on other Devices

Our freemium app uses ‘non-consumable’ type of in-app purchase. Thus, you can retrieve that purchase on other devices without repaying the purchase. However this mechanism require you to physically tap ‘purchase in-app purchase’ or ‘restore purchase’ on other devices. Please note that the purchase process is not automatically on all devices.

4. Help Us to Identifying the Problems with Screenshots

Take a screenshot of the problems with your device. For iPhone, to make a screenshot, Simultaneously hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons, then release them together. You’ll hear the same shutter snap sound the iPhone makes when you use the built-in camera to take a photo, and you’ll find the snapshot in the Photos app –in the Camera Roll album on your iDevices. You can then use the Share button on your device to send it directly via email to us.

5. Other Problems

Please visit contact if still having any issues regarding our softwares. You may contact us with email, tweet us at @iRekaSoft, post something on our Facebook page at