How Do We Collaborate

If you are know technically what you want, it will be easier, please create a specifications requirement in any understandable format. We will do feasability study and give the free quotation in some reasonable time.

If you are non-technical, but you may have some inspiration, or sample apps that potrays the functionality. Please write a product description with details and link to similar apps. If possible you may do some sketch or presentation to make the idea clearer.

We will do collaboration using tools such Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WorkChat or Slack. We use email for sending document and so on. But need to notfy via messenging service. We use Dropbox to share some of the documents / images / file that we need to collaborate. Your apps will be published on your App Store using your own / company’s iTunes Connect account.

Payment method is negotiable, and the price is reasonable based on the specifications. Usually we will ask for 30% upfront upon app development start.

The minimum version of the app is preferably to be the current as possible.

Thumbs of rules in pricing is your module specification = (how hard × how long) + testing. How hard is depend on the technologies are used, the complicated, precise and delicate technology, used are usually higer. How long determinded from the complexity on the data / information you want to display.

Overall, we are happy to develop your next generation apps to add value to your customers in mobile era.