App Development Procedure

1. Understanding The Problem to Solve

Cliche but true, we want develop something because we want to solve a problem.

2. Plan Out

i. Plan out in term of specs, which platform want to develop, back-end environment and what inspiration or story you have.

ii. Because at iReka Soft develop native apps, it’s important to specify which platform to get working first, because we have resource constraint.

iii. Specs: what min OS, device you want to support.

iv. Tools like Asana for list out what tasks to be done.

3. Wireframe

i. At first, sketch out on paper. Make it interactive with using POP software if needed.

ii. Make a wireframe to understand the flow of the apps.

iii. Graphic reference in any case the app working with servers, CDN or etc.

4. Prototype

i. When we decided what kind of spec that we want, study the most difficult part of the development.

ii. This can be a deal breaker when the difficult task can be done or not. Especially on new technology that required for the project. If the project is need unexperienced technology, this process need to be done earlier.

iii. Prototype can be like not really functional for everything, but good enough to tell the story of the app. Use ‘Spring’ framework on iOS as it has many animation, graphics and interaction helpers to make the prototype faster.

5. Design

i. Design the assets for the development.

6. Development

i. Code based on the plan and wireframe.

7. Build and Test

i. Build a binary to give a test and get feedback.

8. Maintainance

i. Apps need maintainance once a while, but this will need extra costs if need to be developed after warranty period.