Founder - Muhammad Hijazi

Hi, my name is Muhammad Hijazi. I am the founder at iReka Soft Enterprise.

You may call me Hijazi. I do development, design, marketing, content development at my own business. My forte now is iOS development, where I can develop apps for iPhone and iPad. Besides I know and sometime proefficient on these languages PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript and C. I still learning Android Studio where I hope I can be good as I good at iOS development. You know by being good, I can do work for living. I can help other people build their apps too.

Incredible Time To Meet With People who Build the iOS Software

So the modern mobile industry is just at the beginning. I am thrilled for what next on this industry. I actually anticipated this kind of tech (mobile tech) for like a long-long time ago (when I was kids). I could imaging in that time, I am holding a device that I can read book, and like having a full screen mobile phone. You know that time was only Nokia phone with buttons. But yes, as we grow up, and we only it can realized by, Apple, in 2007. And by 2008, Apple open up the platform for developer.

I have story, personal story of me in this industry. It has been a long way in the IT, multimedia, web, internet industry.

It was started with long time ago in 90’s with MS-DOS when I was kids. It when there is a command prompt and… a command prompt like menu. Where no mouse, select up and down. And sometimes I broke the interface to became ghost character. It took weeks to sent for repairs. Yes, on that time there were many nostalgic games such Prince of Persia 1, and 2. And I think Aladin, and some other racing games. I think I also touch some database program, and simple basic program. At time time text was everything.

Then there was Windows 9x era. And dial-up internet. And some ‘reformasi’ era in ’98.  I was capable to make a website made with Microsoft FrontPage and uploaded to That time there is no such of automatic blogging. Where people manually create HTML one-by-one and link them together. Then using Macromedia Flash and also upgrade HTML skills with Adobe Dreamweaver. Here is my old site, tripod still alive!

Then I studied in Japan at Tokyo University of Technology where I luckily could choose Computer Science to learn more about ICT. In Japan ICT industry is quite advanced, in the way that it’s so ubiquitous and profitable in many ways. For example gaming, ecommerce, websites, Flash, programs and so on. I learn more about computer programming in C and also Java. On my own I also learnt PHP and other web technology stuff such HTML, jQuery, CSS etc. And I think in 2009 I started to learn Objective-C to code for iPhone. In that time I own iPhone 3G in Japan. But yet I think I am bit slow in catch up new language. So I only can published an app after graduate in 2010. It was CalcDrill. It somehow a bit hit in Japan, like top 1 in Japense Education Store, in Free iPhone app.

Fast forward, I have been creating sort of numbers of iOS apps. I hope we make a quality apps and some profit on them. And it still an exciting experience.

My Timeline

– Attending Tokyo University of Technology
– Learn Java
– Learn iPhone OS 2.0 and Objective-C

– Q1 CalcDrill (first app on the AppStore)
– Q2 Work at start-up app developer company.
– Q4 Published FaceClock 1.0 (global hit app).

– Established iReka Soft entity. was up.
– Q2 – Published FaceClock Calendar.
– Q2 – Won IPCC 2011 from MDeC for ‘Golden Guli’ game.

– Published GoldenGuli.
– Casual Connect SG

– Full time iReka Soft development.
– Published first Android App (Steve Jobs Quotes).
– iOS 7 Tech Talk in Shanghai
– iOS 7 Kitchen in Singapore

– Learn about iOS Push Notifications, iBeacon, Passbook.
– Q4 2014 – Learning Ruby on Rails.
– had website redesign. Utilizing Bootstrap for mobile-friendly website.

– Q2 Setup iReka Soft Enterprise
– Q3 Android Studio Course.
– Q4 WordPress and Bootstrap Course.

– Q1 Learn Laravel.
– Q3 Learn UI/UX from MengTo
– Q3 Learn Swift 3

– Q1 Learn Ionic

– Q1 Learn React Native

Tools for developing Mobile Experience

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Xcode 7

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 12.20.52 PM

Coda 2

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.59.01 PM

Android Studio

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Sketch 3

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